Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of elected county officials and is responsible for overall Association policy and management. Five officers, a president, first, second, and third vice presidents, and a treasurer, comprise the AIC Executive Committee, which oversees administration of the Association. Presidents and vice presidents from each of the six districts also serve on the Board. Each year, a nominations committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors which, in turn, elects officers.


President: Larry Hesson, Hendricks County Council

First Vice President: Stacey O'Day, Allen County Assessor 
Second Vice President: Anton Neff, Owen County Council 


Affiliate Presidents

      Leslie Cook, Adams County Coroner, Coroners Association President
      Pauline Graff, Elkhart County Auditor, Auditors Association President
      Richard Vermillion, Knox County Surveyor, Surveyors Association President
Paula Lantz, White County Clerk, Clerks Association President
Nathan Gabhart, Daviess County Commissioner, Commissioner's Association President (appointed)
Stuart Dowden, Greene County Recorder, Recorders Association President
Linda Sanders, Shelby County Council, Council Association President
Judith Sharp, Monroe County Assessor, Assessors Association President
Jennifer Templeton, Hamilton County Treasurer, Treasurers Association President

Affiliate Past Presidents

Charles Baumeister, Perry County Coroner, Coroners Association Past President
Barb Hackman, Bartholomew County Auditor, Auditors Association Past President
Ken Hedge, Boone County Surveyor, Surveyors Association Past President
Laura Martin, Randolph County Clerk, Clerks Association Past President
Don Brewer, Orange County Commissioner, Commissioners Association Past President
Jon Miller, Porter County Recorder, Recorders Association President
Elise Nieshalla, Boone County Council, Council Association Past President 
Paula Stewart, Lawrence County Treasurer, Treasurer's Association Past President
Rick Smith, Wells County Assessor, Assessors Association Past President (appointed)

District Officers


Debbie VanDeMark, Marshall County Clerk, District President
Kimberly Grow, Jasper County Auditor, District Vice President


West Central

Paul Sinders, Clay County Commissioner, District President
Nancy Marsh, Hendricks County Auditor, District Vice President

East Central

Debbie Walker, Henry County Clerk, District Vice President 


Sara Arnold, Spencer County Clerk, District President
Mendy Lassaline, Perry County Assessor, District Vice President


Liz Morris, Dearborn County Council, District President
Gayle Sullivan, Switzerland County Clerk, District Vice President


Past President

Terri Rethlake, St. Joseph County Clerk 

Legislative Committee Chair

Claudia Fuentes, Marion County Treasurer


Opal Kuhl, Tippecanoe County Highway Supervisor, Highway Association President
Cathy Gross, ADA Coordinator's Association, ADA Coordinator's Association Representative

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