AIC Institute Graduation Requirements

AIC Institute for Excellence in County Government Requirements

A variety of courses has been developed for the AIC's Institute for Excellence in County Government program (formerly known as DIPLOMA). In order to graduate and receive certification, you are required to complete thirty credits during a consecutive two-year period. While the program must be completed within two years, it can be completed in one year.  Graduating affiliate members will receive their Institute/Continuing Education DIPLOMA at the AIC Annual Conference in the fall. 

Two Types of Courses:

CORE Courses:  3 Credit Hours

Each year, the AIC offers seven core courses, which include:  Human Resources, Legal & Ethical Issues, Budget & Finance, Leadership, Communications, Cybersecurity and Legislative Affairs.  


ELECTIVE Courses: 3 Credit Hours

Elective courses cover a variety of timely topics and last all day.  In addition, three hours of elective credit may be accumulated by attending the workshops at the AIC Annual Conference in the fall.




Institute Certificate
To earn your Institute certificate, you must accumulate 30 hours of credit.  25 of these credit hours must be from core courses and must include one Budget & Finance course.  You have four years to complete the 30 hours.


Continuing Education Certification

Because education is a never-ending process, we have many people who continue their participation in the program.  To earn your Continuing Education Certification, you must have previously earned your Institute certificate and completed 20 credit hours within one calendar year.  One Continuing Education Certificate will be awarded each year to those who continue with their pursuit of knowledge. 


The Masters Pins:

To reward those people who have truly made education a priority, the Institute Masters Pin is given to those who have accumulated a number of credit hours in the program.  


§         The Silver Masters Pin requires 75 total credit hours.

§         The Gold Masters Pin requires 125 total credit hours.

§         The Platinum Masters Pin requires 180 total credit hours.


Lifetime Achievement Award:

This new, elite award recognizes those individual who have accrued at least 240 total credits since the inception of the program in 1993.  The winners of this award will be recognized with a wall plaque.